Welcome to Cherokee Runners!

Cherokee Runners is dedicated to runners of all abilities that live in or near Cherokee, North Carolina. We come from all walks of life in all shapes and sizes. We train together, swap stories, travel to races, volunteer at races and all of those things “runners do” but more importantly, Cherokee Runners is about belonging to a community. Whether it’s training for a first 5K or completing a 100 mile Ultra for the 20th time, the common bond of running and walking creates a special family.


Annual membership dues are $10.00 with a initial one time payment of $20.00.  This includes a “monthly” newsletter which is published on the Club website “Cherokee” and a Facebook page is set up, containing information on the exploits of members at area races, a calendar of events, advise on training and injuries, and general pleasantries. Each year, the Club works toward raising funds and awareness of the benefits of running and pledges to sponsor a local race on the reservation as a fundraiser for local causes. An informative brochure on the Cherokee Runners Club will be available on request, and the organization’s website includes maps of several popular running routes marked in and around Town.  Please note that Club members occasionally carpool to area races and has a club bank account set up for race registration purposes established for member with race registration needs.  Several of our members run in different Marathons and half marathons each year and are trained to support endurance training efforts.  We also enjoy slow, leisurely runs, paced for the non-competitive.  We encourage runners and walkers whoever they may be and volunteers wanting to be around this running community to join us on a running event. Regularly-scheduled group runs begin almost every weekday at the Trail; the distance is usually a single or double three-mile out and back trail run along the cool Ravens Fork river.  A Sunday morning run is the weekly long run for most of us, it is generally more slowly-paced, and often makes several loops back to accommodate various training distances and levels of fitness. Each location will be determined at each meeting and/or organized on Facebook.


There shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected at the annual March meeting by a majority of the members present. Club promotes and provides certified Coaches as follows:

USA Track and Field Certified Coaches
Stephan Swimmer
Eddie Swimmer
Robin Swimmer

Road Runner Clubs of America Certified Coaches
Stephan Swimmer
Robin Swimmer
Gerrie Grady
Elnora Thompson
Jimmy Ocummber
Joey Owle

Lydiard Foundation Certified Coaches
Stephan Swimmer
Robin Swimmer
Elnora Thompson
Pam Sneed


President   Stephan Swimmer
Vice President   Michael Henson
Secretary   Gerrie Grady
Treasurer   Elnora Thompson